Meet the Girls


I'm Makayla and this is my blog!
I usually have a bit of free time on my hands, so I have been able to spend it on my passion of animals, learning about reptiles and acquiring a small group of them. I spend the rest of my non pet time reading or writing novels, drawing and sprinting on my track team. 


Butterscotch is a 10 year old short haired tortoiseshell cat I got in 2007.  She lives outdoors in her three homemade cat houses and is Queen of the neighborhood. She is not good at making other cat friends, but she loves to cuddle with me and always makes sure I know when she wants her space. She doesn’t mind other people so long as they aren’t little kids chasing her tail. Her birthday is April 3rd


Mufasa is a 2 year old normal Bearded Dragon I purchased in 2015 from a local pet store. This girl eats anything that moves enough for her to notice it. Mufasa likes to sit on someone warm or in a blanket and sleep, and is very tolerant of anybody handling her whether they are kids or adults, but is very particular that her whole body be supported. Her birthday is June 6th.


Olympia is a 2 year old Ghost morph of Ball Python I bought from a reptile show in 2016. She is usually very quiet pet-rock type of snake that only comes out in the daytime to switch hides, but comes out at night like clockwork to play and make a mess of her tank. She is very curious, never wants to hold still for people but is quite sweet tempered and doesn’t strike. She hatched July 26th 2015. 


Norberta is a 2 year old normal Bearded Dragon I bought from a local pet store in 2015. She had some medical issues in early 2016 and now has what we believe is gout and takes medicine for that. She doesn’t let her health problems stop her! Norberta has a very quirky attitude, dominant and territorial, and has also decided to be a bit nippy on occasions. She still has an adorable soft side she tries to hide.  Her birthday is August 6th


Rose is a Purple Pincher Hermit Crab, we aren't sure on age but she has lived with me since about 2014.  She is a lovely rosy pink color. She’s pretty shy and does not like being held at all, but will almost always come out for food (especially peanut butter or popcorn). Rose also loves her hiding pot in her tank.