Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weights and Pictures

Yesterday the girls got weighed, so thought I'd jot down what they were at and share some new pictures.

  • Mufasa - 282g
  • Norberta - 176g
  • Olympia - 764g
  • Rose - 39g

I was really pleased with them all! Mufasa is at her heaviest, though she lost a bit I think with a BM. Norberta is as big as she has ever been too and is feeling better. Olympia is four grams from her highest weight, so doing great. I decided to weigh Rose for fun for the first time much to her displeasure, we'll see if we get any differences in weight.

Picture dump! None of Butterscotch, but one of Rose when she tried on a different shell for an hour before switching back.



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