Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden Update

The garden is growing! (surprise surprise)

What we planted back in April is actually growing! Only producing leafy stuff, but we're getting close to the other things. The peas have started sending out shoots, the carrots are showing the fluffy tops, and the mustard greens are thriving! The collards and slowly catching up. The blackberry bush is already forming greenish berries and the weeds are growing even better than everything else.

The hope is to get the rest of the vegetables planted in the next week or so.

The flower garden still doesn't have any flowers, but the ones we planted are growing! Little green leaves are showing where the Forget-Me-Not's are, and several long stalks for another flower are sticking up. Need to plant the last flowers when I do the vegetables.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Eating Like a Snake...Finally

BIG news!!
Sunday is feeding day for Olympia, so in the morning I get a small frozen rat out and put it in a ziplock bag, then put the bag in a bowl of warm water to help start thawing it. It stays there until about 8pm when I change the water again and wait until Olympia sticks her head out for the night after her light is turned off, then she is fed with tongs. I try and feed it to her but she sniffs it for a little bit and headbutts it, then ignores it. So it is left on the ground while I wash the tongs and by the time I get back she is eating it.

Well yesterday I had warmed it up and saw Olympia coming out of her hide and rubbing against the glass front of her tank. So I took that as her actually being hungry and grabbed the rat and held it next to her and wiggled it a bit. She got really excited, sniffing it with her tongue really fast, then backed up and in a split second snatched the rats head and coiled her neck around it, pulling. Scared me half to death, but I let go of the rat and she stood up, half out of the hide and continued squeezing the rat.

Very excited she finally struck it! Might need to get some bigger tongs now...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weights and Pictures

Yesterday the girls got weighed, so thought I'd jot down what they were at and share some new pictures.

  • Mufasa - 282g
  • Norberta - 176g
  • Olympia - 764g
  • Rose - 39g

I was really pleased with them all! Mufasa is at her heaviest, though she lost a bit I think with a BM. Norberta is as big as she has ever been too and is feeling better. Olympia is four grams from her highest weight, so doing great. I decided to weigh Rose for fun for the first time much to her displeasure, we'll see if we get any differences in weight.

Picture dump! None of Butterscotch, but one of Rose when she tried on a different shell for an hour before switching back.