Sunday, February 5, 2017

All Four of Them

It was a busy week for us!

First off, Mufasa is grudgingly awake! Monday afternoon she walked out of her hide, and stayed out all by herself. Wednesday though when I fed her for the first time she decided food was great and walked back into her hide. So the hide has been removed for now and she is eating and moving a little around her tank.

Norberta is going into shed, so she has been grumpy until she can see Mufasa, then she freaks out and starts head bobbing and black bearding her and gets very excited. Swelling is down a little in her arms, and she has been using her tank a lot more than when she first got it.

Olympia refused another rat, but is still doing well. I was able to get her out of her tank several times this week and she is still looking gorgeous! (Note: the humidity in her tank was only that low because I had her out and the tank was left open. I fixed it right after taking the picture)

Butterscotch enjoyed the sunshine we've had this week, and snuggling with me. She's been around they yard most of the time instead of wandering off most days.

Lastly, Rose decided when I was cleaning her tank out that she did NOT want me touching her and pinched me. Hard. With her big claw. I will admit I might have squeaked/yelped when she did and Rose was rather huffy for the rest of the day. My finger was fine after a few minutes of throbbing.

I'm loving having all four to take care of again!