Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! Its practically the weekend, hope its relaxing for you all!

Just wanted to update on Norberta real fast: Her tail where it broke off is scabbing over and healing well!! Which is great! And her Swelling is going down slowly, so she has been more cheerful even though her leg is going into shed.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

And We're Back!

Hello again everybody!
Sorry for my absence, life got hectic with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)  in November and then all the Christmas stuff in December and the rest of life to deal with. But me and the girls are back with some pretty big updates on everybody!

The Girls: 


Olympia has decided that food is unnecessary and has not eaten since the last Sunday in November. She is slowly loosing a bit of weight and is now at 687grams. Still being as sweet and silly as ever, lets anybody hold her and has only hissed once because she was asleep and I tried to pick her up. So now we are just playing the waiting game until she remembers how much she loves her frozen thawed rats.


She is still brumating! I wake her up every Wednesday to weigh her so she usually is up for a day or two before she finds her hide and goes back to sleep. Her weight is now 232grams. I'm missing my pretty snuggler, but she is absolutely set on sleeping until she is ready to get up.


Miss Norberta has been a roller coaster. With the crazy-ness in my non pet life happening her med's got stopped and she swelled up again but not nearly as bad as before. So her medicines were started back up and the swelling is slowly going down. But on top of that, when she went through her last shed the last inch or so of her tail didn't come off. Her tail stopped bending on the section with the shed and I put coconut oil on it and hoped it would come off. Well, instead of the skin coming off, the last inch of her tail broke off! So she's an inch shorter but nothing is stopping her running and jumping. She either is sitting on her blanket all day long or running around or bouncing off the walls of her tank. She has decided that I have bad taste in socks and head bobs them or me almost every day looking very pleased with herself. Her weight is at 157grams.

I don't usually post about Butterscotch but hopefully that will change soon. She has been rather absent in the yard lately because of an intruder cat I called Jim who was not in good shape at all, but still managed to get the Queen of the neighborhood out of all THREE of her cat houses. Which is saying something as she has ruled this area for nine years and no cat messes with her. She mostly stayed out of the yard until I came with food but even then it was hisses to Jim and glares for me. Jim vanished after a few weeks and Butterscotch has reclaimed her home and is very cheerful greeting me now thank goodness!

I also don't post about Rose often but again, changes! She is a solitary crab currently as the rest of her tank mates have passed. But she seems to enjoy it! We see her much more often now and you can tell she is actually eating. I love seeing her tiny little face! I don't handle her often as hermit crabs are easily stressed out.

General Updates: 

  • Norberta got a new tank Friday! This is her full sized tank she will have into adulthood (40galB). 
  • Blogwise: I'll try to post at least once a week, updates or stories or such. 
Hope you all had a fantastic New Years!

Makayla R