Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mufasa's 2nd Birthday

June sixth was Mufasa's birthday! I was busy spoiling her so wasn't able to post on the actual day. Cant believe I've had her for two years! Its flew, and I've loved every minute of it.
Funny birthday present, she finally started shedding! She got a bath to help, snuggles and food. She seemed to enjoy herself.

Here is a picture of her a little bit after I first got her as a comparison.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Kitty

Went out to take some pictures of Butterscotch's houses, ended up with more pictures of her than the houses. She was really craving attention for once. Who am I to ignore her when she actually wants to snuggle?

Would not stop rubbing my feet and legs

Finally caved and sat down. She plopped herself right on top

She is starting to show her age physically. Her fur is getting more grey and she doesn't like to run more than she thinks is necessary (chasing a squirrel, food...). But her no-touch-unless-I-say-so attitude is exactly the same.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden Update

The garden is growing! (surprise surprise)

What we planted back in April is actually growing! Only producing leafy stuff, but we're getting close to the other things. The peas have started sending out shoots, the carrots are showing the fluffy tops, and the mustard greens are thriving! The collards and slowly catching up. The blackberry bush is already forming greenish berries and the weeds are growing even better than everything else.

The hope is to get the rest of the vegetables planted in the next week or so.

The flower garden still doesn't have any flowers, but the ones we planted are growing! Little green leaves are showing where the Forget-Me-Not's are, and several long stalks for another flower are sticking up. Need to plant the last flowers when I do the vegetables.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Eating Like a Snake...Finally

BIG news!!
Sunday is feeding day for Olympia, so in the morning I get a small frozen rat out and put it in a ziplock bag, then put the bag in a bowl of warm water to help start thawing it. It stays there until about 8pm when I change the water again and wait until Olympia sticks her head out for the night after her light is turned off, then she is fed with tongs. I try and feed it to her but she sniffs it for a little bit and headbutts it, then ignores it. So it is left on the ground while I wash the tongs and by the time I get back she is eating it.

Well yesterday I had warmed it up and saw Olympia coming out of her hide and rubbing against the glass front of her tank. So I took that as her actually being hungry and grabbed the rat and held it next to her and wiggled it a bit. She got really excited, sniffing it with her tongue really fast, then backed up and in a split second snatched the rats head and coiled her neck around it, pulling. Scared me half to death, but I let go of the rat and she stood up, half out of the hide and continued squeezing the rat.

Very excited she finally struck it! Might need to get some bigger tongs now...


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weights and Pictures

Yesterday the girls got weighed, so thought I'd jot down what they were at and share some new pictures.

  • Mufasa - 282g
  • Norberta - 176g
  • Olympia - 764g
  • Rose - 39g

I was really pleased with them all! Mufasa is at her heaviest, though she lost a bit I think with a BM. Norberta is as big as she has ever been too and is feeling better. Olympia is four grams from her highest weight, so doing great. I decided to weigh Rose for fun for the first time much to her displeasure, we'll see if we get any differences in weight.

Picture dump! None of Butterscotch, but one of Rose when she tried on a different shell for an hour before switching back.



Saturday, April 29, 2017

Reptile Show

Today was a busy Saturday pet wise. Olympia needed more rats, so I had an excuse to go to a local reptile show! The one I go to is a pretty big one, with tons of vendors and tons of animals. The list was fairly simple: Rats, a basking log/stick, maybe bugs.
So I got eight small frozen rats for Olympia, it was about $14. She will be thrilled as tomorrow is feeding day.
I needed a big stick or log that would work to replace Mufasa's basking rock. Whatever her rock is made of heats up really well and gets too hot for her to bask comfortably, so I found a piece of semi smooth driftwood for $15 bucks and sanded it a bit when I got home, then cooked it just to kill off any things that might have caught a ride on or in it. Set it up in Mufasa's tank and she decided to sit under it instead of on it. I put her on a few times and she would climb off every time I turned away. We'll see how this goes...
I was actually not going to get any bugs after thinking about it for a while and was about to walk out when I saw some dubia roach starter colonies for $20. 5 males, 10 females, and 100 nymphs (baby roaches). Where I got my original breeder roaches it was almost thirty dollars for not many more adults than that. So I came home with those and cleaned out the roach tank and put the new ones in with the old ones.

The show itself is always great. All these vendors with animals from ball pythons to geckos of various breeds to reticulated pythons, pacman frogs and savannah monitors. And the tiny baby turtles. One breeder even had two bengal kittens, while another had a full grown iguana and carpet python (one of my favorites from the whole show). Its amazing to see the little baby snakes and monitors that grow from 6+ inches to 10+ feet.

The people at the show are fun to watch too. There was one lady who had a chihuahua puppy in her jacket that she carried the whole time. I was in line trying to see some retics when I realized the man in front of me was carrying a full grown red tailed boa in his arms and was standing calmly stroking it as it sat there. People with stacks of boxes of feeders or tubs with snakes and lizards in their arms and the occasional service dog calmly sitting with its owner.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sleeping Reptiles

One of the funniest things to see the reptiles doing is sleep, especially the bearded dragons. They are known for sleeping in what looks like a very uncomfortable pose all night long.

Mufasa and Norberta both sleep differently, Mufasa tends to crash wherever she is standing or occasionally she will tuck herself into her bed or under her stuffed animal. Norberta likes to wiggle around across the floor until she can tuck her nose under or against something, then wiggle more until she is just right. Or sleep on her stuffed animal (both girls LOVE them!). Mufasa is a very deep sleeper once she is out, but Norberta often can get woken up even by shining a flashlight on her. And the funniest part is their back legs. Bearded Dragons do a thing their owners refer to as "sexy legging", laying with their back legs spread straight out behind them. They do this when they are really relaxed. Mufasa does it almost every night, while Norberta sleeps with her legs in a frog-like position.

Olympia being a Ball Python is nocturnal, so when the bearded dragons are tucking themselves in around 7-8pm Olympia is starting to move and come out of her hides and use those sticks she got (this is how she got her sticks).  She adores climbing and making a mess of her tank, and is almost always out at the same time. If I'm late turning her light off she pokes her head out and waits until I turn it off before shooting out of her hide to play.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Olympia Went Outside!

I had the chance to take Olympia outside and take pictures for the first time today! The sun actually washed out her colors quite a bit. But she seemed to enjoy the warmth and the grass (it tickled her nose).


Saturday, April 15, 2017

DIY Life

We've made a few things in the past two months, here is a list and how I did it!

  1. Beardie Wall
  2. Gardens
  3. Sticks
1. When the bearded dragons run around outside their tanks I have to block of the door and the air vent so they don't escape and hurt themselves. Which was easy with Mufasa who never pressed her limits. Norberta however would "glass dance" on the cardboard wall put up against the door, but was too small to push it over. Well, she grew a bit. And managed to knock it down and make a run for it (and was quickly apprehended). So we cut a large, thick piece of wood so that it could wedge into the doorway and block her from getting out. It had a very smooth side that faces her so she cant try and climb out. Doesn't stop her from trying though! 

2. Gardening has begun! We have a large vegetable garden we started Thursday with some cold weather crops, and a corner of it is dedicated to the beardies. I am specifically growing a ton of collards and some mustard greens, and there are sweet peppers, carrots, and some other treats they can have started too. Also just for me, I'm making my first flower garden. I have some tulip bulbs I've had growing yearly for a few years now and they always impress me, so now I get a whole little patch of flowers. Forget-Me-Not's, Lily of the Valley, Tulips, Zinnias, and even some catnip for Butterscotch and the neighborhood cats. 

3.  Olympia loves to climb things, so I finally found some sticks for her to use. They were from the trees out back, so they got sanded to get all the rough bark and stubs off so she couldn't hurt herself. Once they were sanded really well, I baked them at 350* for about 30 minutes. Once they had cooled off they got set up in her tank so she could use them to her hearts content. And she does, almost every single night. 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Showers

One day I will be semi consistent at blogging. Last month(s) was not that day.

Me and the girls have been very busy! I'll do a brief catch up for all of them here and then do some smaller posts later on about different things that have happened.

Olympia shed on Valentines day, is hovering around 768grams in weight. She FINALLY ate a rat on the 19th of March and is eating consistently. She is not shy at all, loves to get right up against your nose and "kiss" it. Or climb into your clothes... No sense of personal space.

Mufasa has been doing amazing, she is weighing about 263grams. She has started shedding some, her face, tail and hands. She has been basking a bit more instead of using her bed all the time and eats everything. She's also behaved really well when we had younger people over who wanted to meet her, she is a bit of an attention hog I think. Likes to be the center of attention.

Norberta hasn't had any gout problems in several months! Slowly gaining weight so she is around 172grams. Still very bossy to her reflection, Mufasa and me. Even Olympia if she catches sight of her. She hasn't been glass dancing as much which is a relief. Very proud of my little girl. She also had an almost full body shed.

Butterscotch is still living the life. She has been out a lot napping in the sun most days if its not raining and she has turned down several visitor cats recently. She had her ten year birthday mark on the 3rd of this month, cannot believe its been that long. Her age is starting to show a bit, not as fast unless she is trying and less dead animals in my yard. And all her cute grey hairs.

Rose is enjoying herself and her hiding pots. Her tank is clean and she has been getting a variety of foods lately. She particularly liked the peanut butter, dragged the shrimp it was under halfway across the tank so she could eat the PB underneath. Still very no-touchy-touchy.