Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Baby

I went to the pet store to get some air stones and tubing for a bubbler for Tyler's water bowl's. I found them just fine, even found a T connector so I didn't have to buy another bubbler!
So naturally I walked out with the bubbler supplies and another hermit crab.

Meet Londyn Raine. Lucky little crab gets two names cause I could't pick a favorite. This crab is tiny! It is in decent condition too considering where it came from, missing one of the "nails" at the tip of one leg and is pretty pale in coloring but that'll all change with a good molt and some healthy foods.

Tyler is down molting, so he hasn't met the new one (who is unsexed at the moment). Fingers crossed that when they finally meet Tyler will behave himself.
Londyn Raine's name is also a bit ironic. It was raining all day Thursday when I got it, and when I decided I also liked the name Londyn I looked up the weather in London England on the 11th. Sure enough it was raining there too. So the little crab has a name bigger than it.

Londyn Raine is currently down under the substrate de-stressing, hoping it wont be down long. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Snake Face

I just thought you all deserved to see what Olympia has started doing some days. She sleeps with her snout peeking out of her hide for a little while and some nights if her light doesn't go off on time she lays with her whole head out staring at me until I turn it off. 

Funniest thing ever. 


Thursday, October 12, 2017


Hate em. But you're deep loathing doesn't matter when your bearded dragon uses them as a staple food. 

We have various bugs cycle through the house. We always have dubia roaches. I have a small colony set up that is slowly expanding. We have (last I counted) 21 adult females, 7 adult males, and 297 tiny babies that were born over the past few months! And today I got my order of 500 medium roaches as feeders. Mail time around here is the best, a little box full of hundreds of loose roaches. 
Some of the female roaches

500 medium dubia

A lot of the time I get superworms for the beardies too, though they come and go with decent gaps (havent tried a colony for them yet). 
I order various worms at different times, Norberta's favorite is the hornworms though they are pricey so she doesn't get them often. We also get waxworms and phoenix worms (aka black soldier fly larvae). 

Our newest bug crew is for Rose, the hermit crab. Isopods! 

Isopods (rolly pollies/pillbugs/whatever) are a great cleaner crew that people use for various bioactive reptile cages and I finally have gotten tired of trying to clean large amounts of small crab poop and and grabbed a few from the garden. You can buy them online or from your yard, but make sure no pesticides are used in the yard! 
So far out of the five I threw in her tank they have pretty much all fallen in the water bowls multiple times for me to save them from drowning and Rose has caught one and eaten it. I don't see much cleaning going on but once I buy some more then maybe it'll help. 


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shedding Ball Python

One of the coolest differences (in my opinion) between Bearded Dragons and Ball Pythons is when they shed.

When beardies shed they do it in pieces and chunks, different parts of their bodies going into shed at different times and then them all getting loose and being rubbed/scratched off at different times too.

Ball Pythons shed all in one piece at the same time, which leaves behind a pretty impressive shed if they manage not to ruin it before you can snatch it.

Olympia just shed recently and I got pics of the process. It usually takes me a while to notice she is starting to shed, starting usually with her belly turning salmon pink, which freaked me out the first time because I thought it was a burn.

After that her body starts to dull until she looks like a ghost (get it, Ghost morph, ghost?). Her eyes get clouded like the rest of her body and she gets kinda skittish and doesn't like anyone moving or messing with her, since she cant see very well and obviously doesn't feel great. When I notice this I bump her humidity up to around 70% to help her out.

Then the cloudy coloring pretty much disappears, but she still hasn't shed yet! This usually happens a few days before she actually sheds. And then I wake up to her tank torn apart, a huge poop and her shed piled up under a hide or in a  corner.
Her colors always pop after she sheds, this time her black was super bright afterwards.
I also got a pic of her first shed with me and this last one. She's pretty much DOUBLED in size!! 
I'm 5'6" for reference...