Friday, July 28, 2017

Tadpole Life Cycle

A friend of mine found a momma toad had laid a TON of eggs in a puddle on their garden tarp early in June. They put them in a baby pool and asked if we'd like some to raise and release.
Can you guess my answer?
Yeah, so we came home with 100+ tiny tadpoles. Like, smaller than a dime tadpoles. I set them up in an old plastic drawer with rocks at the bottom, filled it with de-chlorinated water and added the tadpoles. The friends had sent home with them some tadpole food they had bought from a petstore, and I read a bit to find out what else they could eat.
They can eat boiled lettuce chopped super tiny, the ground pellets, bloodworms (I happened to have some dried ones laying around for Rose). They also eat algae, which is good because they got a good amount after a while.
The tadpoles themselves look ridiculous. Like mini stingrays. They take their sweet time getting full grown, but now they are climbing up out of the water three or four at a time daily. The toads are the same size as they were when they were tadpoles, and they were pretty happy being released in the garden.

When we first got them

Full grown and tail-less!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Wrap Up

Summer is almost over, and it was busy for me and the girls! I've learned a lot and we've had some great things happen, including me being able to shadow weekly at a local veterinary clinic and Olympia turning two!

I'll do some short things in this post, then longer things will get there own posts.

Girls Weights
Mufasa: 327g
Norberta: 198g
Rose: 39g
Olympia: 1,105g

The garden was a pretty good success! Everything that we planted grew and produced and me and the beardies loved it all. Mufasa has a new favorite treat, (blackberries) and both of them ate the collard greens and mustard greens. My personal favorite was the peas. The one bad thing that happened with the vegetable garden was weeds. Weeds everywhere. Morning glories finished up the last of the plants for me, and it looks like a jungle. Next year we will try A) actually weeding. And B) cardboard laid everywhere there isn't plants or tarp/weed carpet.
The flower garden gave me flowers! Took them a long while, but they were gorgeous in the end.

A funny thing that's happened this summer is we have had several animal visitors come and go. A little kitten dropped by for a few weeks, a gray tree frog named Henry (who turned out to be a she), a few hundred tadpoles from a friends yard, and several adult cats, the current being a young male I'm calling Jack.

Girls Pictures


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mufasa's 2nd Birthday

June sixth was Mufasa's birthday! I was busy spoiling her so wasn't able to post on the actual day. Cant believe I've had her for two years! Its flew, and I've loved every minute of it.
Funny birthday present, she finally started shedding! She got a bath to help, snuggles and food. She seemed to enjoy herself.

Here is a picture of her a little bit after I first got her as a comparison.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Kitty

Went out to take some pictures of Butterscotch's houses, ended up with more pictures of her than the houses. She was really craving attention for once. Who am I to ignore her when she actually wants to snuggle?

Would not stop rubbing my feet and legs

Finally caved and sat down. She plopped herself right on top

She is starting to show her age physically. Her fur is getting more grey and she doesn't like to run more than she thinks is necessary (chasing a squirrel, food...). But her no-touch-unless-I-say-so attitude is exactly the same.